Vivace Soup

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Lively legume soup with tomato and chimichurri. Completely natural with steamed and dried legumes and vegetables.

Easy to prepare, just add 3 glasses of water for 3 tasty meals in 5 minutes
Peso confezione: 90 g

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Vivace Soup
Vivace Soup
Prezzo normale €4,99

Ingredients : 70% Steam cooked legumes* (in variable proportions between chickpeas, hulled yellow lentils), Gluten-free Pasta Ùnica®* (yellow corn, red lentil), chimichurri* (onion, parsley, tomato, chilli pepper, basil, oregano, paprika, garlic, pepper), 6% tomato*, whole sea salt. Gluten free. ( *Biological )

Cooking time : 5 minutes.

Characteristics : gluten-free, without additives, natural source of vegetable proteins, high fiber content, bronze drawn, dried at low temperature, artisanal, produced in Italy.

Property Gluten Free – 100% Natural
Rich source of protein and fibre
Portions 2 servings
Cooking 5 minutes


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