360 degree environmental and social sustainability

Sustainability is at the center of our company philosophy and runs through all production phases, from the selection of raw materials to packaging:

  • 100% Italian supply chain: the origin of the legumes is guaranteed and gluten-free, right from the field;
  • Reduced use of energy resources: thanks to the drying process at low temperatures;
  • Clean energy: produced by the photovoltaic panels installed in our headquarters;
  • Eco friendly packaging: printed with water-based and solvent-free inks. The material is 100% recyclable or totally compostable from renewable sources (100% cellulos

Compared to other protein sources, the production of legumes has a low environmental impact:


UNI EN ISO 22000

The UNI EN ISO 22000 standard guarantees our customers and partners the efficiency and safety of our food production, in every area: we carefully choose and check each raw material in order to guarantee the creation of quality products.
It also ensures our stakeholders constant monitoring of the supply chain with a view to continuous improvement

Organic Certification

The certification guarantees our consumers the use of organic raw materials, with the utmost respect for natural resources according to environmental and social sustainability standards.

Gluten Free

Products notified by the NHS