Food Safety Management System Manual

ITineri srl strategic objectives are the satisfaction of commercial customers and consumers and the continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of all company processes.

ITineri srl believes in interpersonal relationships and promotes a climate of respect, attention and mutual concern with all interested parties, customers, suppliers, public authorities, visitors, education (schools) and, in a special way, among people within the Company.

ITineri srl adopts an integrated Food Safety Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 22000 standard as the basic tool to achieve its objectives and comply with all mandatory requirements.

The Management undertakes to:

  1. Make every member of the team participate ITineri srl the application of the SGSA by developing and disseminating knowledge of the contents and rules of current legislation;
  2. Mitigate the risks inherent to the context in which it operates ITineri srl and exploit opportunities through the implementation of actions, including in the form of improvement objectives;
  3. Apply and enforce specific controls on the finished product, raw material, semi-finished product and packaging in order to guarantee the customer that the products are healthy and safe;
  4. Act in compliance with the circular economy perspective, reducing waste and maximizing resources;
  5. Maintain effective communication both towards customers and consumers and towards all other interested parties, including suppliers and public supervisory authorities;
  6. Involve its employees in the continuous improvement process of the SGSA, ensuring adequate means and resources and adopting changes proposed by them to make operating procedures, systems, controls and documentation more effective and efficient;
  7. Implement training interventions to give everyone the opportunity to express their abilities;
  8. Consolidate a long-lasting and profitable collaborative relationship with all customers, in order to always provide products and services that meet their expectations at mutually sustainable costs and always comply with the laws and regulations in force;
  9. Make suppliers responsible and consolidate a collaborative relationship with them so that they continuously supply raw materials with the desired quality;
  10. Make the Food Safety Management System and HACCP applied effective and efficient, through continuous improvement.

The Management declares its commitment to the realization of these objectives and to the diffusion of these behaviors.

Reminds all managers and employees to comply with the provisions of the Food Safety Management System Manual and to commit to continuous improvement.

The direction
Monica Neri