Box Like a Chef

Prezzo normale €39,90
A box to have fun in the kitchen together with the little ones with very simple recipes ready in just a few minutes. The box includes the personalized LEGÙ® gift box The image has the sole purpose of presenting the product.

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Box Like a Chef
Box Like a Chef
Prezzo normale €39,90

The Like a Chef Box contains:

  • LEGÙ® personalized gift box
  • Chef hat (1 pc)
  • Apron (1 pc)
  • Recipe book (1 pc)
  • Blend of LEGÙ® legume flours 250g (1 pc)
  • Veg ragù mix (1 pc)
  • Corn, legumes and millet weaves 100g (1 pc)
  • Organic Italian tomato puree (1 pc)


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