Truffle Crunchy Triangles

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LEGÙ® crispy triangles are ideal at any time of the day, both as a healthy snack and as bread substitute.

The opportunity to eat chickpeas, peas, beans and lentils naturally and simple. Thanks to our process triple drying at low temperature you don't have to do anything: just eat them.
Weight: 40 g

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Truffle Crunchy Triangles
Truffle Crunchy Triangles
Prezzo normale €4,29

Crispy triangles of Italian legumes with truffle. Ideal both as a healthy oil-free snack and as a bread substitute for low-calorie protein diets.

Also excellent for a tasty aperitif suitable for everyone.

Property Gluten Free – 100% Natural
Rich in protein – Rich in fibre
Not Fried – Without Oil – Without Yeast

Ingredients : steamed legume flour (in varying proportions of white beans, chickpeas, yellow lentils and yellow peas), dried summer truffle 1.5% (tuber aestivum Vitt), whole sea salt. Gluten free.

Characteristics : gluten-free, without additives, natural source of vegetable proteins, high in fibre, artisanal, produced in Italy.


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