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1. Are the products 100% gluten-free?

Yes, our products are made from naturally raw materials
gluten-free and without possible contamination. In addition to being gluten free, our products are also vegan and free of additives and/or preservatives.

2. The products are 100% vegan

Yes, our products are made with 100% plant-based ingredients. Not
we use no type of animal derivatives, not even in our packaging material.

3. Why do your products have a high cost compared to others?

Because our products are made with all raw materials
Italian, top quality and 100% natural. Our raw materials are selected, treated and certified (free of chemicals and contaminants).
Our products are artisanal, processed at low temperatures, slowly, respecting the raw material.

4. Where can I get information on the availability of out-of-stock products?

To find out if our products will be available again, write an email to

5. What are low glycemic products?

Among our products, those considered mainly low glycemic are pastas and snacks. In general, legumes are naturally low glycemic index foods so all our products can also be consumed by people with diabetes. It is good to remember, in any case, that "it is the dose that makes the poison" .

6. Why is your pasta cooked in a pan?

Our pasta can be cooked in a pan like a risotto, that is
sautéed directly with water and seasoning. This is possible because we only use steam cooked legumes; therefore, it is not necessary to cook the pasta for a prolonged period but 2 to 5 minutes are sufficient, depending on the type.

7. What is the perfect snack for my baby?

The ideal snack for children, starting from weaning, is this
natural, made with only Italian legumes, soaked, steamed and
decorticated. It is important to remember that we use a mixture of four different legumes (chickpeas, white beans, yellow lentils, yellow peas) so it is essential to introduce the individual legumes into the child's diet first.

8. What tips can you give me for losing weight?

On our site there are various sections, divided by objectives, in which we recommend various products that will help you achieve them.

9. Why do your snacks cost so much?

To produce our snacks, several steps are necessary which include the preparation of the legumes (harvesting, soaking, steaming, decortication and first drying), mixing them with water and then pressing.
Once pressed, the snacks are dried twice, first for 12 hours and then for 6 hours. Finally, they are packaged and stored.
The use of quality raw materials, all Italian, the processing times,
the microbiological and chemical controls, the three drying processes and the packaging are the reasons behind the higher cost compared to other snacks in
trade. To find out more about how we produce them, write an email to

Online order:

1. Where can I enter my discount code?

You can enter the discount code
during the checkout phase. You don't have to pay attention to the letters
case sensitive.

2. Can I use multiple discount codes at the same time?

You can only use one code
discount per order.

3. What payment methods are available?

On the Legù website you can pay with the following methods
of payment:



Credit cards


Wire transfer

* Bank account details:

IBAN: IT64D0840450240000000001121

Shipments & Deliveries:

1. How long does delivery take?

In 90% of cases delivery occurs within 24 hours. Delivery times in municipalities that are not easily reachable (e.g. islands) could be 48/72 hours.
In the event of strikes, demonstrations, technical problems or causes not attributable to LEGÙ® – Itineri srl, delivery times may increase. The order will be
processed within 24 working hours.

2. Where is my order?

As soon as your order has been processed by our warehouse,
you will receive a number to track the shipment.

Order Changes:

1. Can I cancel my order?

This is not possible after payment.

2. What happens if an item is sold out and is not reported on the site?

If during the preparation of your order we find that a product is sold out, you will receive a communication call and we will choose
together a replacement product of the same value.

3. Items are missing from my order. How should I proceed?

If something is missing from your order, write an email to , entering your details, the order number and the missing product, we will contact you and verify immediately.

How to become a distributor?

1. How can I resell LEGÙ products?

For requests for collaboration, price lists and partnerships, write an email to , you will be directed to the relevant person in
based on your request.